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DC at Night

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Getting the Most from The Prices Do DC

Here we are - The Prices Doing DC
Most things change. And that is certainly true of the blog you are now reading.

When we started The Prices Do DC in June of 2011, my wife Judy and I had just retired and moved to Crystal City from South Jersey. We planned the blog as a way to record all we were doing in DC and sharing those things we others. Of course, that is still true. But over the past 3-and-a-half years, the blog has morphed into much more. Here are 6 of the biggest changes we have made.

1) Our DC writing now consists of 4 blogs.
In addition to The Prices Do DC, we now offer 3 companion blogs. They are:

  • Counter Culture in the Capitol (a look at food and great dining spots in DC, with an emphasis on eateries that won't break your budget)
  • DC Book Looks (all things bookish about Washington, its bookstores, and the writers who visit them)
  • DC Screen Scene (what's up with TV shows and movies featuring Washington DC)
2) We now have a Facebook and a Twitter presence.
You can find links to all The Prices Do DC entires, as well as site specific posts and tweets at our social media outreaches.
3) The Prices Do DC now includes a Twitter feed that is updated at least a half dozen times a day.
This is one of 2 reasons where you will always find new content even if you visit the page more than once a day.

4) The Prices Do DC now includes a news-summary powered by Google.
This news summary (located at the top right of the page just above the Twitter feed) is the 2nd reason why there is always new content on the page.

5) We have daily doings links.
You can plan where to go, what to see, and where to eat by using our pages. You can make travel plans if you are living in DC, or in a neighboring state, or coming from another part of the country or the world. You can even tell how to dress by checking our weather widget or which are the best apps to add to your phone for a better DC experience.

6) You can get all the DC news you ever need right from our page.
We have links to the major papers and websites covering the Washington area. We also have links to 7 of the best blogs about DC.

Of course, there is much more to The Prices Do DC. But the above lists the highlights of what we are offering. We encourage you to bookmark our pages and check back frequently. We also urge you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Currently, we are averaging 1,500 hits a week, but we would love to see that number skyrocket.

We have a lot of fun putting The Prices Do DC together and we hope you have as much enjoyment in reading it.

And to close here's just a sample of the people we've encountered in DC. Some of them are even readers.

And here is my favorite - The Comedy King of Jello himself.

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