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DC at Night

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chocolate Goes With (and on) Everything.

Its 1st documented use occurred around 1100 B.C. It has been called a cancer-stemmer, a brain stimulator, a blood pressure reducer and an aphrodisiac. A British study has indicated that it produces an increase in heart rate that can be more intense than that associated with passionate kissing.

And what is this wonder drug? It's chocolate, one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world.

And it's also the featured ingredient at the unique Co Co Sala Chocolate Lounge and Boutique here in D.C. In fact, virtually every item on the menu and many of the drinks include some form of chocolate.

So what do you try at such a restaurant? Well, you could have:
gruy√®re, parmigiano reggiano, roquefort, & cheddar / chipotle chocolate tomato cream sauce
orecchiette / four cheeses / crispy chocolate bacon
Or you could have:
pepper cheese & guava enchilada / cocoa nib cheese stuffed jalapeno beignet / guava & lime sauce
mango salsa / chipotle chocolate tomato glaze / avocado cilantro emulsion
Or what about?
chermoula marinade / fennel salad / aged pecorino / hazelnut coffee dressing
meyer angus / gruyere & crushed cocoa bean crust / chocolate shiraz reduction /
seasonal vegetables / garlic & goat cheese potato puree
Well, you get the idea. It's chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. 

Of course, at a chocolate lounge, I wonder what's for dessert? Why, something chocolate I suppose. We split a STICKY SITUATION - warm sticky toffee pudding cake with chocolate shavings, brown butter toffee sauce, and ginger caramel ice cream. But that meant there were 8 other equally intriguing chocolate-laced desserts that we didn't  have room for.    

So how did Co Co Sala make out on The Prices Do DC plate test? . I gave the meal 4 plates out of 5. My wife also gave it 4 plates. But she wanted an addendum. As the chocolate lover in the family, she gave the dessert 5 plates. 

Tales, Tidbits, and Tips
We had been trying to go to Co Co Sala for some time. The 1st time we went (I guess I should have checked first) it was closed. We went for lunch. Co Co Sala is only open for dinner. The 2nd time we went (I guess I should have checked first) it was closed. They aren't open on Sundays. But tonight we got it right. And it was worth the effort. So there's the tale. Here is both tidbit and tip. If you are a passionate chocoholic who doesn't like to experiment with your food, you might consider going  straight for Chef Tiptur's 5-course dessert experience which consists of (1) chef's muse sucre (2) a main dessert selected from the menu (3) an inermezzo (4) a cheese plate with chocolate trimmings (5) petit fours.

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