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DC at Night

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dining in DC: The New Big Wong

If you like to eat as much as I do, you are always looking for tips on new eateries to try. So recently, when we were in Chinatown, I decided to check my iPhone for recommendations. I came across an article from The Washington City Paper discussing where top DC chefs like to eat in Chinatown after they close their own establishments.

One of the chefs mentioned was Mike Isabella, an alumnus of the TV show Top Chef. I think Isabella's Italian small plates at Graffiato's are among the best in DC. I also enjoyed his Mexican small plates at his recently opened Bandolero in Georgetown. I was pretty certain if Isabella said a place would be good, it would be good.

He recommended New Big Wong. He also singled out 2 particular dishes. The 1st was Wong’s pan-fried noodles with pork and salt and pepper shrimp. The 2nd was dried scallop fried rice.  Isbaella was quoted in the article as saying "when you get it right at Big Wong, that’s the shit.”

It was settled. This was a night for the new. We had eaten at several places in Chinatown, but never at New Big Wong. Also, I had eaten salt and pepper shrimp before, but had never tasted dried scallop fried rice.

So what was the verdict? Isabella was right - the New Big Wong was really good. And the dried scallop fried rice (in addition to the dried scallop there were bits of several types of shellfish, egg, green onions, and Chinese seasonings) truly was "the shit."

But the night provided 2 even better surprises. In my wife's family, I am known for my ability to eat large amounts of food. But the bowl of scallop rice was huge. I barely finished a 3rd of it. That meant 2 more meals at home.The other was the great Facebook post our dining created for me. "Just ate at New Big Wong in DC's Chinatown. And as you know, you can't go wrong with a new big wong."

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