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DC at Night

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dining in DC: DC-3

If you don't consider a special hot dog as celebratory Irish food, then it's clear that you are not one of the menu makers for DC-3, the specialty hot dog joint in the Capitol Hill Southeast section of DC. For their special sandwich for St. Patrick's Day weekend, the eatery was featuring a hot dog consisting of a homemade banger sausage served on a potato loaf roll with green sauerkraut and Guinness mustard.

You might think that when the DC-3 owners opened their eatery that serves only hot dogs, they chose the name for the city of their location. Well, you would be wrong. The DC-3, while indeed an abbreviation for the District of Columbia, is actually taken from the Douglas Commercial 3, the famous commercial  plane 1st used when air travel came of age in the 1940s.

That theme is incorporated into the design of the eatery. A giant map pinpoints the locations across the country where many of the hot dogs originated. For example, you can choose the DC half-smoke, the NY Coney, the Cincinnati chili dog, the Chicago 7, or the Jersey bacon-wrapped ripper.

On our most recent visit, since DC-3 is so near the Capitol, I decided to have a full political spectrum lunch. So, for my Blue State leanings, I picked the California left-winger, a vegetarian dog that consists of house-made falafel with tzatziki sauce, avocado, and diced tomato. For my Red State balance, I added a West Virginia slaw dog which was a weiner topped with chili sauce and cole slaw. My less adventurous wife, as usual, chose a regular hot dog. Of course you can customize that choice with 16 different toppings including 2 types of mustard and 3 different kinds of relish.

In keeping with its we-only-serve-hot-dogs approach, DC-3 offers only 4 sides, all of which are designed  to accompany their sandwiches. You can choose from chips, fries, fried pickles, and frickles, a combination of fried pickles and fries.

After finishing your meal, on your way out, a cut-out of a stewardess in 1940's uniform will thank you for your business and encourage you to fly  DC-3 again soon.  Chances are, if you like dog variety, you will.

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  • **** (4 buns out of 5) - 3 for quality, plus 1 more bun for the variety of hot dogs offered.

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