DC at Night

DC at Night

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Many Voices of Marriage

With Bible and sign in hand, an argument is made by some...

... and rejected by others.
Inside the Supreme Court today, 9 justices were hearing oral arguments on the 1st of 2 cases in 2 days that could define marriage in America for generations to come. Outside the court, supporters and opponents of the central issue in those cases - should members of the same sex be allowed to marry - engaged in a day of vibrant, vocal street theater, trying to make sure their voices and positions were heard.

While the language inside the packed court room involved the serious, formal words employed to decide the laws under which we all are governed, the language outside was much more direct. "If God hates gays, why did he make them so cute?" "It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." "Legalize Love."  "Get It Straight. Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman." "I Do. Support Marriage Equality." "Kids Do Best with a Mom and a Dad."

The distribution of the crowd reflected the divides on the controversial issue shown in national polls on the issue, which now shows that for the 1st time in the country's history more than 50 percent of Americans favor marriage between men and men and women and women. On one side of the street, a huge group of well-dressed, sign-waving Black Christians prayed and sang hymns imploring an acceptance of God's will and a rejection of sin. Directly across the street, a wall of mostly younger protesters let their signs show their displeasure with that position.

TV and print reporters along with their cameramen (and women) scrambled through the crowds, trying to capture the perfect quote or picture to dramatize the day's story. While they didn't outnumber the protesters, they certainly swelled the crowd.
The whole world is watching: A reporter for Telemundo  
Obviously, the highly controversial cases now before the Court have created tremendous interest in the nation's capital. People began camping out last Thursday to try to get a seat inside the hall to watch the historic cases. Even this week's freak spring snow storm didn't deter them from keeping the precious spots in line they had staked out. People were planning to continue the overnight vigil again tonight to be ready when the Supreme Court convenes again tomorrow.
The waiting is the hardest part
Tales, Tidbits, and Tips
So exactly what are the 2 same-sex marriage cases now before the Court? And how will the justices rule on them?  Of course, the answer to the 1st question is complex, while no one can say with certainty what the answer to the 2nd will be. However, here are some questions and answers that should help you better understand exactly what is going on. Click here to read the CNN article on same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court.

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