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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One Man's Trash

You know the saying - One man's trash is another man's treasure. But for artist Noah Williams that statement is literally true. For Williams takes discarded items and junk and shapes them into intriguing, imaginative, large-scale works of art.

Given his background, it's not surprising that he creates what he does. Born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Williams received his primary art instruction from his mother, a ceramic artist. Then there was his former day job. Williams was a trash collector.

A sample of his works is now on display in a one-artist exhibition at the Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory in Olde Town Alexandria.  Fittingly enough, the found-art sculpture show is called One Man's Trash.

There is a message behind his creations. "His depictions of animals, machines, and masks, both real and imaginary, are intended to inspire viewers to be aware of the waste they create and the alternative uses for disposable materials," the program book on the show states.

Williams' repurposed bottle cap, metal scraps, keys, and abandoned tire creations also prompt a sense of wonder and the fantastic. "Multiple layers of wire, metal, and unexpected objects invite viewers to explore each sculpture and spark their sense of curiosity," the program book notes.

But enough with the words. Visual art is meant to be seen. Here are a few of Williams' unique creations.

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If you want to see One Man's Trash in person you still have some time. The exhibition will be on view until  June 3.

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