DC at Night

DC at Night

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dining in DC: JJ's Cheesesteaks

When we lived in South Jersey, Philadelphia was our city. Now that we live in Crystal City, DC, just across the Potomac River, is our downtown. Obviously, there are differences between the 2. DC has the Washington Monument; Philly has the Liberty Bell. DC has the Nats and Skins; Philly has the Phils and Eagles. DC has half-smokes; Philly has cheesesteaks.

But what happens when you are in DC and you want a piece of Philly, specifically one of their famous cheesesteaks? Recently, my guitar-playing buddy of 40 years, Jimmy Overstreet, was visiting from Florida and he wanted such a sandwich. You can't just jump in the car and head to Pat's or Geno's or Tony Luke's.

Our research on Yelp led us to JJ's Cheesesteaks, a sub-only shop on U Street which has the reputation of offering the best cheesesteaks in the district. So how were they? The short answer - pretty good, a rating partly attributable to the fact that JJ's uses Amoroso rolls, a Philly staple.

But, as you might expect, these were cheesesteaks with a DC twist. While you can create your own cheesesteaks (including the Philly wid or wid out) choosing your meat, your cheese, your topping, and your sauce, there are already crafted concoctions, many bearing political names. For example, there is the Senator and the Capitol and the MLK.

For Philly fans, there is the Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell, and the Rocky Balboa Italian Hoagie,. For visitors wanting a western experience, there is the Wild Bill and the Eastwood. And, if you want to be a bit more exotic, you can order the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Great Wall, or the Mayor of Istanbul.

Feeling in a DC state of mind, I chose the Senator, which is grilled chicken and cooked ham topped with white American cheese, tomatoes, and honey mustard. And I must say that this Senator delivered much more than those other Senators housed just a few Metro stops away on Capitol Hill. leading me to issue a yes vote on JJ's.

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