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DC at Night

Friday, August 30, 2013

Folk Art From Mexico

Colorful woven hammocks
If you like Mexican folk art, you should head to the Mexican Cultural Institute in Columbia Heights to view the Guerrero 7: Seven Regions of Art and Tradition exhibition now on display.

The exhibit features arts from the state of Guerrero, which is located in southwest Mexico and includes the resort community of Acapulco.

The region serves as home for 4 ethnic groups - the Mixtec, Nahua, Tlapanec, and Almuzgo - each of which has a distinctive culture and cultural traditions.

Regional popular art varies wildly from the colorful embroidery of the Huipui dress of the mountain people to the rich past of mask making which goes back 2,000 years in the northern region.

If you visit, here is just a sample of what you will see.


Tales, Tidbits, and Tips
The exhibition will remain on view until Oct. 15.

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