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DC at Night

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best of DC 2013: Culture, History, and Current Events

Chinese activist artist Ai Weiwei had both his own show and was part of the the Damage Control exhibit at the Hirshhorn Galley in 2013
Favorite Major Art Exhibit
  • Judy - Ai Weiwei @The Hirshhorn
  • Me - Damage Control(@The Hirshhorn
Favorite Smaller Art Exhibit
  • Judy- Hello: my name is @The Fridge
  • Me -One Man'sTrash @The Torpedo Factory
Favorite Exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery
  • Judy - Armed Conflict  
  • Me - Ellen Harvey's An Alien's Guide to the Ruins of DC 
Favorite Art Museum
  • Judy - American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery
  • Me - The Hirshhorn
Favorite Artist Talk
  • Judy - Yoko Ono(@The Hirshhorn)
  • Me - Ray Chapman (@The Hirshhorn)
Favorite Outdoor Arts Festival
  • Judy - Arlington Arts Festival
  • Me - Arlington Arts Festival

Favorite Historical Re-creation
  • Judy - The 1963 March on Washington
  • Me - The 1963 March on Washington
Favorite Book Talk about JFK and the 50th anniversary of his death in Dallas
  • Judy - Richard Beltzer at the National Press Club speaking about Hit List
  • Me - Jeff Greenfield at Politics and Prose speaking about If Kennedy Lived
Most Meaningful Protest Rally We Participated In
  • Judy - Forward on Climate
  • Me - No War in Syria
Favorite Museum of 2013
  • Judy - Museum of the American Indian
  • Me - The Newseum
Favorite Historical Exhibit
  • Judy - Armed Conflict @The Corcoran Gallery
  • Me - The Civil War in American @The Library of Congress
Favorite Historical Talk
  • Judy - Holocaust Survivor Gerde Weissmann Klein @The National Archives
  • Me - Robert McNeil and Jim Lehrer on their coverage of the JFK assassination @The Newseum
Favorite Exhibit at the Newseum
  • Judy - JFK: 3 Shots Were Fired
  • Me - Make Some Noise: Students and the Civil Rights Movement
Favorite News Speaker at the Newseum
  • Judy - Judy Woodruff
  • Me - Robert McNeil and Jim Lehrer
Favorite Political Speaker at the Newseum
  • Judy - Congressman John Lewis
  • Me - Congressman John Lewis
Favorite Book Talk at Politics and Prose
  • Judy - Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Reza Aslan 
  • Me - Insane City by Dave Barry 
Favorite Book Talk Not at Politics and Prose
  • Judy - The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan @The National Archives
  • Me - David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell @ The Historic 6th and I Synagogue
Favorite Book Talk at the National Book Festival
  • Judy - Christopher Buckley
  • Me - Brad Meltzer
Favorite Book Talk about a Rock Memoir
  • Judy - Linda Ronstadt @The National Book Festival
  • Me - Graham Nash @The Library of Congress
Favorite Annual Event (Serious)
  • Judy - Embassy Tour sponsored by Cultural Tourism DC
  • Me - The National Book Festival on the National Mall
Favorite Annual Event (Just for Fun)
  • Judy - The Halloween DC Drag Race
  • Me - The Halloween DC Drag Race
Best Cultural Discovery of 2013
  • Judy - The Mansion on O Street
  • Me - The Mansion on O Street
Favorite Think Tank for Programs
  • Judy - Cato Institute
  • Me - New American Foundation

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