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DC at Night

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dining in DC: Pho 75

Noodle soup. My grandmother's belief in its medicinal power was persuasive. That's why for the past 6 decades be it cold, flu, or sinus, I've made chicken noodle soup the meal of choice. But this week I developed a sinus problem that seemed impervious to Doctor Daisy's certain remedy, so I decided to vary the recipe. I headed to Pho 75 in Rosslyn, thinking that perhaps this particular strain of illness might respond better to an Asian treatment.

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese beef and noodle soup and Pho 75 has the reputation of producing some of the best pho in the DC area. And when you are sick, you want simple, but you also want the best.

At Pho 75, 2 ingredients are standard - a savory beef broth and a large heap of vermicelli noodles. You choose from one of 8 cuts of beef. That all comes in either a regular or large bowl. The bowl is accompanied by a side plate that includes bean sprouts, spicy green Vietnamese pepper slices, lime wedges, and fresh mint leaves so you can customize the taste of your soup. In addition to the napkins, plastic spoons, and chop sticks you need for your pho, you can also spice up the dish with heapings of Asian red chili sauce. 

So how did the pho at Pho 75 make it as a food? In a phrase, the place's reputation is clearly deserved. A few words of caution if you are a fussy eater, however. It is impossible to be neat and look cool while eating pho. It is a food made to be slurped and sucked. Also, don't expect pleasantries from your Vietnamese servers. They are serious about getting you seated, taking your order, and getting your food to you amazingly fast. And don't expect them to bring you the check. That remains at the counter where you pay. Oh, and bring cash, since they don't accept credit cards.

And pho as medicine? I did feel better after lunch. But just as with any medical trial, we'll need a few more tests before we can give it grandmom's seal of approval.

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