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DC at Night

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dining in DC: Something Stuffed

Food in foreground; our complex in background
One of the best things about living in a major metropolitan area is the large number of dining options. In fact, if you can't go to the food, the food can come to you. Literally. By the truck load. Make no mistake about it, even though the days are getting colder, food trucks are still a hot item in the DC area.

Some of the trucks, say Pepe for example, are operated by world-renown chefs like Jose Andres. Others, like Something Stuffed, are operated by less famous culinary entrepreneurs. But you can get great, tasty, relatively inexpensive meals at both types.

Today, I chose Something Stuffed for lunch. I really didn't have to walk far for my choice. The colorful purple and bright green truck was parked less than 100 yards from my Crystal City apartment complex.

I opted for the day's lunch special. The special included chicken chili, a choice of empanada and a selection of 3 steamed dumplings. First, some words about the chili ,which featured white beans, green peppers, curry, and a smothering of shredded cheese. One Yelp reviewer said he was so taken with the concoction that he "contemplated eating the styrofoam container the chili came in." Now styrofoam isn't on my diet, but  I do  agree that the chili was really good, especially if you enjoy it spicy like I do.

For my empananda, I picked the #1 (of 4 choices) nicknamed the HIS. It consisted of free range chicken w/potatoes, onion, and red curry. The 3 pork dumplings, which were steamed while I waited, included bits of carrot and shiitake mushroom. The empanada and the dumplings provided an interesting Mexican/Oriental fusion of tastes.

While I waited a few minutes for my freshly prepared order, I chatted with the operators. I learned that the Something Stuffed truck had been cruising the DC area for about 7 months. Business has been good.  A schedule is prepared for 2 weeks at a time. The food choices change daily. This was the 1st time the truck had been in Crystal City. I hope it is not the last. Of course, I can follow the truck's stops on Facebook or on Twitter.
The bottom yum, yum eat 'em up line is this: the company's logo, as seen above, says Savor the Bite. I did.

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**** 4 cardboard take-away boxes and 1 extra plastic spoon (we usually use plates, but that just doesn't fit a food truck)

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