DC at Night

DC at Night

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The National Book Festival In Pictures

The Library of Congress held its 12th annual National Book Festival on the National Mall this past weekend. The 2-day event brought more than 100 authors to thousands of avid book readers of all ages. This post will show you some of what it was like to be there.

The Schedule 

A Sampling of Authors

Linda Ronstadt

Margaret Atwood

Brad Meltzer

Taylor Branch
Daniel Pink

Justin Cronin

Benjamin Percy

Christoper Buckley

Alfredo Corchado

Kenneth Mack

What Older Readers Did

And What Younger Readers Did

Tales, Tidbits, and Tips
This is the 1st in a 5-part series on the National Book Fest.  Still to come:
  • An inside look at why people attend the festival
  • Titling a novel satirist Christopher Buckley
  • The day as seen by Book Fest veteran and NY Times best selling author Brad Meltzer
  • Festival newbie from Mexican-American journalist Alfredo Cortazar.

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