DC at Night

DC at Night

Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Snow Much Fun in DuPont Circle

Remember when you were a kid and there was a big snow and you bundled up, headed outside, gathered your friends, and engaged in an epic snowball fight.

Well, when it snows enough now in DC, you can head to DuPont Circle, channel your inner child, toss away your inhibitions, and pelt friends and fellow snow-loving strangers with as many snowballs as you can make.

The event is sponsored by the Washington DC Snowball Fight Association, which when snow begins falling uses social media to entice DC snow lovers to DuPont Circle.

With today's snow fall, the snow fight was set for 2 p.m.  (UPDATE: The snowball fight was held, but it was moved to the National Mall) Last month, the event was held after the Feb. 13 snow fall. Here we have a few pictures from that event.

Just hand-roll and let them fly
Now this is a snowball
On-the-scene reporter gets pelted
And if art is more your thing, you can also construct your most imaginative snow creations. Here are some samples from last month's snow covering.

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