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DC at Night

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Supplement: March Monument Madness

Welcome to Monument Madness, The Washington Post’s challenge to see which one of the region’s monuments stands above the rest. (Figuratively, at least; the Washington Monument would clearly win a height contest.)

The Monument Madness selection committee (okay, three Weekend staffers) settled on four categories — our version of the NCAA's regions — for the 32-monument bracket: presidents and Founding Fathers, war and peace, arts and sciences and a grab-bag category called “What the heck is that?” The field proved extremely difficult to narrow down, but the committee settled on three ground rules: The memorial must be outdoors; it must be honorary, not just a sculpture; and it can’t be in a cemetery. 
The selection committee determined the winners in the round of 32, and we’ve already witnessed some tremendous upsets: Who could have predicted the Maine Lobsterman sneaking past labor union leader Samuel Gompers
The matchups that follow are the tournament’s Sweet 16. Polls are live through Tuesday; the Elite 8 begins Wednesday. We’ll crown a champion based on your votes on April 1. 
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