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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Shark Girl Dives Deep to Show Her Love For Sharks

Each week in our Saturday Supplement, we re-post an entry of interest to both residents of the Washington area and visitors to DC that first appeared in another publication's website. Shark Girl (aka 20-year-old Madison Stewart) appeared last week at the Museum of Natural History here in DC as part of World Ocean Day to talk about her new documentary which will be airing Sunday on the Smithsonian Chanel.

Shark Girl with one of her precious creatures ...
... and Madison Stewart on the Musuem of Natural History stage last Sunday
Sharks have become the go-to monsters in movies and pop culture, whether it's JawsJaws 2 or even Syfy's campy Sharknado. But they still remain fairly mysterious and terrifying beasts — a perception the self-dubbed "Shark Girl" is trying to change.
Madison Stewart, a 20-year-old Australian scuba diver who grew up swimming with sharks by the Great Barrier Reef, is a shark conservationist and star of the upcoming Smithsonian Channel documentary, Shark Girl. The documentary follows her efforts to raise awareness of shark fishing practices and their detrimental effects on both the coral reef's ecosystem as well as human health.
"I never chose conservation, I was enlightened to what was happening unfortunately by witnessing it myself," said Stewart in an interview with USA TODAY.
To continue reading this interview, click here.

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