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DC at Night

Monday, August 18, 2014

Phrarrell's Famous Hat Coming to Newseum

Welcome to this week's Monday Must-See post. On Mondays, The Prices Do DC will offer an entry about some current exhibit in DC you should see. Sometimes, we will write the post. Sometimes, it will be taken from another publication. But no matter who is the writer, we believe it will showcase an exhibit you shouldn't miss. 

Even if you didn’t watch the Grammys in January, if you were anywhere near a computer or television in the following weeks you heard about the hat Pharrell wore on the red carpet. 
The massive, butcher-paper-colored Vivienne Westwood creation spawned a flood of memes and mocking tweets—including by fast-food chain Arby’s, whose jokeabout the hat’s resemblance to its logo was retweeted more than 80,000 times.
Arby’s later bought the hat in a charity auction for $44,100—and is lending it to the Newseum, where it will be on display in the New York Times Great Hall of News until October 26. 
The accessory, according to the museum, serves as a symbol of how social media is instrumental in the spread and development of a story. 
To continue reading this post, which 1st appeared in The Washingtonian, click here.

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