DC at Night

DC at Night

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Bringing New Metro Cars to DC

The writing staff for The Prices Do DC is on a holiday break. Original posts will return when they get back. Until then, enjoy some posts from other sources about things of interest to both residents and visitors to DC.

Late in December, if all goes as planned, a convoy of flatbed trucks will arrive in the District from Nebraska carrying four subway cars — four gleaming, stainless-steel conveyances unlike any seen before in a Metro station.
And for a middle-aged, earth-toned transit system anchored to the past in technology and aesthetics, it will be a watershed moment, signaling the beginning of the most significant changes in engineering and industrial design in the subway’s 37-year history.
Attention, passengers: The ’70s are finally dead. Or at least they’re slowly dying.

To continue reading this article from The Washington Post, click here.

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