DC at Night

DC at Night

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Flashback: Doing Christmas Naturally

Every Friday we feature a post that previously appeared in The Price Do DC. In keeping with the season, each of our December posts will be about Christmas time. This post 1st appeared on Dec. 11, 2011.

A patriotic all-natural Capitol for Christmas
Evergreens, toy trains, poinsettias, and frankincense are long-time symbols of Christmas time. Now all of them are brought together in this year's Christmas display at U.S Botanic Gardens near the U.S. Capitol.

Also featured are creative animal houses made out of plants and other natural materials with clever names such Monkey Mansion and Bookworm Borough.

Trains and trees
In keeping with the fact that the display is in the nation's capital, there are also natural replicas of historic DC buildings and monuments, as well as miniture natural versions of several presidents homes, including those of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton.
As you tour the special holiday part of the indoor gardens, the trains travel both above and below you, surrounded by a wild natural environment complete with mountains, waterfalls, trestles, and tunnels.

Tales, Tidbits, and Tips

More trains running
While the national Botanic Gardens are especially beautiful at Christmas time, it is a special place for plant lovers year round. The gardens are arranged according to environmental themes. You can stroll through a Hawaiian island display. You can witness the dramatic changes between a desert and a jungle.You can pause to take in the sweet smells or capture a photo of vibrant plant colors. There is also much to learn. You can peruse a medicinal section showing plants that are used around the world for health. Or you can take in a reflecting circle where you can read famous sayings about plants while quotes such as "the grass is always greener" or "it's not my cup of tea" play in the background.

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