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DC at Night

Friday, September 5, 2014

Washington Monument Once Suffered from 'Geological Tuberculosis'

Welcome to this week's Friday Flashback. Each Friday in the Flashback we offer a post about some part of the past and its relationship to DC. Sometimes, we will write a new entry. Others times, we will showcase articles that previously appeared in The Prices Do DC or some other online publications. But no matter who does the writing, you can trust that you will learn something important from the Flashback.

Unfinished Washington Monument, circa 1960
The Washington Monument reopened this spring, after being closed for repairs needed to repair damage suffered during an August 2011 earthquake. The latter included cracks that developed in the monument's marble panels and damage to the mortar that holds the 555-foot-tall structure together. 

But those problems aren't the first woes that have plagued the monument, which will mark the130th anniversary of its completion in December. 

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