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DC at Night

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dangos and Tanukis Take Over the Kennedy Center

If you want to take in the full majesty of the mystical sets and costumes renowned Japanese visual artist Jun Kaneko is capable of producing, then you will want to attend M&Ms Opera in the Outfield next month at the Nationals' ball park.

But if you want a preview of his often-stunning work, then you can head to the Kennedy Center, where an exhibit of Kaneko's work titled HEADS: Dangos and Tanuki is on view in the Hall of Nations until May 19.

For those not fluent in Japanese, Dangos means "rounded form" or "dumpling" in Japanese, while Tanuki is translated into English as a mischievous shape-shifter, most commonly portrayed as a large, stout badger.

Kanuki's work will be even more in evidence at Nats' Park on May 3 since he has combined both American and Japanese aesthetics into costumes and sets which will be an integral part of the Washington National Opera's spring production of Mozart's spectacular "The Magic Flute." Opera fans and newcomers will able to fill the outfield to view "The Magic Flute," which will be simulcast from the Opera House at the Kennedy Center.

A Prices Do DC Extra - A look at some of Jun Kaneko's colorful Tanuki sculptures

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