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DC at Night

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Are Trout and Harper the Next Mantle and Mays?

Each week in our Saturday Supplement, The Prices Do DC re-posts an entry of interest to both residents of the Washington area and visitors to DC that first appeared in another publication's website.

Mike Trout makes the cover of SI ... 
... while Bryce Harper finishes  2nd in HR derby @All-Star game
Old enough to sign a seven-figure contract, too young to order a beer, the ballplayers were barely out of high school, single and carefree when they were dropped in the Arizona desert with nothing but monotony on their hands. Play a game, practice that game and then wait for the next game.
“The time we had there, it was so much fun,” Mike Trout says. “I’ll never forget it.”
“We had an absolute blast every single day,”Bryce Harper says.
Less than three years later, as Trout’s Los Angeles Angels prepare to visit Harper and the Washington Nationals for the first time for a three-game series that begins Monday, one has evolved into perhaps the best player in the game and the other into one of the most exciting. 
To continue reading this story that 1st appeared in The Washington Post, click here.

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