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DC at Night

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bill Shakespeare

To be (going to the annual big birthday bash for William Shakespeare at the Folger Shakespeare Library this past weekend) or not to be (going), that was the question.

Well, for us, it really wasn't a hard question to answer. Of course, we were going. And here is a pictorial sampling of some of what we saw and did there.

You could take in the decor and countless volumes in the Shakespeare library, which is only open to the public once a year on the celebration of the Bard of Avon's birthday.
You could view the impressive stain glass. Here is one of the characters representing the seven stages of man from the "All the World's a Stage..." speech from As You Like It. Can you name the other 6?
You could examine special gifts given to noted Shakespeare actors throughout the ages. This chair was designed for famed 18th century actor David Garrick
You could peruse priceless artwork visually representing scenes from Shakespeare's 34 plays. Which play is this?
You could buy a T-shirt commemorating the special day, a celebration of 450 years.
You could dress up and get your picture taken in period costume. Here is my wife Judy as a Renaissance queen.
You could make a shield with your own special coat of arms.
You could receive your Shakespeare fortune. Judy's said: "... there is this jewel in the world that I may see again." from Cymbeline 1.2.21-23.  Mine said: "I seek not to wax great by others'  waning." from Henry VI 4.10.20
You could receive a pin, if,  like I did, you performed some Shakespeare on the Folger Stage. To find out what I performed, click here.

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